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Paper Flowers

By: Julia Fleming - Updated: 9 Apr 2014 | comments*Discuss
Paper Flowers; Artificial Flowers;

Paper flowers certainly have a place in floristry and floral craft. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea – the majority of people do prefer fresh flowers – but they do provide a highly practical alternative when the real thing is totally unsuitable for one reason or another.This could be if someone has hay fever or going somewhere which is hot and humid and fresh flowers just wouldn’t be suitable - perhaps a wedding abroad?

A lot of hospitals are also banning fresh flowers being brought it in because of health and safety reasons so an artificial display on this occasion is ideal and can be taken home by the patient. More and more offices are also using good quality paper displays because they are more cost effective than fresh.

Benefits of Paper Flowers
 paper1These days’ artificial flowers have more respectability. They are no longer thought of as something gathering dust in the corner of a room. They come in virtually every type of flower, can be dyed every colour of the rainbow and used for every occasion from table displays through to weddings. And the real plus point is that you can keep them forever and don’t have to water them or have them preserved!

20px breakpaper 4 Certainly in the past five years paper flowers have moved on dramatically and thanks to more effort from manufacturers, the colouring and detail are wonderful. There is always a huge variety are the floral wholesaler and you can also buy them cheaply at a number of larger department stores – this shows that there is quite a demand for them.

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Various Settings and Uses
But unlike some silk flowers, it is very unlikely they would ever be mistaken for the real thing. However so long as people do not try to pass them off as fresh and accept them for what they are – another form of decoration – then they can look lovely in a number of settings.

paper2 At Harvest Festival in churches, paper flowers in gold’s, browns, oranges and reds look spectacular as wall swags or garlands. Others in creams and pastels work well as decorations for weddings and special occasion – and are a lovely keepsake.

20px breakpaper3 Well made ones can also look lovely as bridesmaids’ head-dresses or pomanders. They are far more sturdy than the real thing and don’t wilt!

20px breakCertainly a few tall paper flowers in a glass vase can look lovely in a modern setting, while a basket of small “country” paper blooms is perfect for the more traditional occasion.

Floral wholesalers are also now meeting the demand for the artificial market by stocking dry foam in all shapes and colours including dry wedding bouquet holders and sympathy wreaths. These are perfect for paper flowers. This type of decoration can also be wired and taped just like fresh or silk flowers so their use can be quite varied.

The downside of paper flowers is that they don’t have the movement and flexibility of fresh blooms and foliage. Real flowers sway in the wind, look delicate and of course have a fragrance. You don’t get this with paper flowers. Also if they come into contact with water, depending on the quality, dyed paper flowers can run or at worse be ruined. So that is always something to bear in mind when you are placing a paper flower display.

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