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Betty said:
Monday, 2 Nov 2015
Very interesting stuff. Would appreciate more stuff
Renee said:
Wednesday, 19 Aug 2015
This is a most wonderful site...and free. Thank you for all the work that you all have put into this web site to make it so informative, comprehensive and professional, plus user friendly. I have bookmarked it and will refer to it often. Thank you, Renee
Shirley said:
Wednesday, 29 Apr 2015
So much to explore. Can't wait to try some. Thank you.
Doreen said:
Friday, 18 Mar 2011
A lovely friendly site... As bedbound, predominately, not sob-story...fact..smiles.. I have been researching site for 'help' with obtaining and knowing the correct tools etc..thank you... regards Doreen Gerrard-atkinson
Vilma said:
Saturday, 5 Feb 2011
I love crafting and I found your website today. I enjoyed looking at the card making tips and also making cushions. I will be visiting the website a lot in the future as the tips are very useful. thank you
Karen said:
Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010
At last Ive found what I have been looking for all these years! Thank you x
Charlotte said:
Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010
Fantastic website with lots of great tips. I want to set up my own card/gift business
Clare said:
Tuesday, 5 Jan 2010
Hi. Just going to start candle making. If anyone has any tips, ideas, etc. please let me know. Thank you.
Sunil said:
Saturday, 24 Oct 2009
Just stumbled on your site! Liked what I saw,will like to remain in touch!!! Great ideas! Honest approach!! Congrats
Nachinga said:
Friday, 2 Oct 2009
I would like to start up my own business of making scatter cuishons so I will appreciate any assistance I can get from you. Thanks.
Susan said:
Saturday, 19 Sep 2009
I have just started crafting and came across your website. I have found your item on 'selling your cards' very informative. Thank you x
Angelia said:
Saturday, 19 Sep 2009
Youre parchment craft tutorial was most helpful thankyou
Lalithalakshmi said:
Saturday, 12 Sep 2009
I found few useful tips which I wold practice. Differently abled children are engaged by me in making new year cards, hence the guidleines are most useful. Thanks.
Marilyn said:
Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009
I found your site very informative and very well laid out. Looking forward to my first Newsletter.
Patricia said:
Thursday, 9 Jul 2009
Have only just found your site,while looking for info on Pot Pourri. look forward to your Newsletter
Fatima said:
Sunday, 7 Jun 2009
I would like to lear how to make a braided rug are wonderfull. I would love to see step by step how can I make that can of rug. thanks
MUMTAZ said:
Wednesday, 13 May 2009
Patricia said:
Friday, 13 Feb 2009
Thank you for making this site available, I am looking forward to using and making beautiful cards.
Lynn said:
Monday, 9 Feb 2009
Very good web page I think I will enjoy been a member many thanks
Diana said:
Saturday, 10 Jan 2009
I love the interesting knit stitches you find. for example mock cable stitch and umbrella pattern
Marion said:
Sunday, 7 Dec 2008
I am rather new to card crafting I have only been crafting for just over a year. but I found that I enjoy teabag folding and iris folding, and I am open to new ideas.
Linda said:
Friday, 3 Oct 2008
It will good to explore items on Parchment Craft, It looks very informative and intersting. I'm just about to start learnig parchment craft as it is so beautiful when done by experts, "I live in hope". I would be grateful for any "How to information books, litereture etc you can give LInda
Marcy said:
Thursday, 12 Jun 2008
I found your site as I was searching for a good video of a potter at the wheel forming the clay to explain to my son the spiritual aspects of how we are the clay and God is the potter, I found it to be a perfect example to use in my teaching. Thank You :)
Sondra said:
Tuesday, 27 May 2008
Thanks for the opportunity to receive your newsletter. I look forward to learning from it.
Sylvia said:
Friday, 28 Mar 2008
Very interesting and helpful information.
Lynda said:
Wednesday, 13 Feb 2008
I just stumbled across your wonderful site...hope to visit often.
Ann said:
Saturday, 2 Feb 2008
I found this site by accident,but found it really interesting.thank you.
Cheri said:
Monday, 1 Oct 2007
Thank you for your wonderful site. I just found it.
Aileen said:
Sunday, 2 Sep 2007
I have only just come across this Site and am absolutely amazed at the amount of information it contains. What a great help it must be to "Crafters" of all ages.
Marguerite said:
Thursday, 31 May 2007
It is great to find a site that has a newsletter, I have searched the internet trying to find more ideas for teabag folding, I especially like flower and ethnic ideas for African-American designs using the folds.