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Guide to Using Peel-Offs

By: Natasha Reed - Updated: 20 Mar 2016 | comments*Discuss
Peel-offs Stickers Shapes Sheet Sticky

Peel-offs are another name for stickers. These are the shapes that come on a sheet and are peeled off, because they are sticky backed they can then be placed onto an item. In the card making world they tend to be called 'peel-offs' because they have become a craft in their own right, advancing way beyond the regular sticker.

Many traditional card makers have previously been sceptical of peel-offs as they have been deemed too easy to use for a real crafter, however these people have soon come round to changing their minds. A peel-off can be used in many ways as the central feature to a card, to add a message or to add a border. The designs have really become more intricate and modern, appealing to all levels of ability.


Peel-offs come in all shapes and sizes, all themes and all colours. There is a huge variety to choose from – another reason they are a favourite of card makers.


These only have the outline of the image, leaving blank areas to be coloured in or left as they are – just the same as outline rubber stamps.


As the name suggests they are solid images without gaps.


3-D or 'medallion' peel-offs still come in the regular form of outline peel-offs but on one sheet are decreasing sizes of the same shape. These are then placed on to card, cut out and layered using foam pads, with the largest at the base, to form a 3-dimensional medallion effect.

Embroidery Stitching

These are brand new to peel-offs and have dots marked out ready for you to prick through and then stitch, once the peel-off is on card stock. These come in the shape of hats, fans, handbags and look fantastic when stitched.

Numbers and Letters

assortment of stickersThese are great for adding text to a card and are quick and easy to use. The numbers are ideal for children’s' cards or anniversaries. 20px break

How to Use Peel-Offs

  1. peel off is peeled off using a craft knifeRemove the image from the backing sheet using the edge of a craft knife. Allow the peel-off to spring back into shape. For larger images take care not to tear parts as you remove it.20px break
  2. peel off is placed onto the ardPlace the peel-off onto card, placing one edge or end down first and trying to let the rest fall into shape. Too much handling and the peel-off will distort.20px break
  3. peel off is coloured infinished cardDepending on the style of the peel-off you may wish to cut around the image to then mount onto a card and colour it in using felt-pens, watercolours or gel pens.20px break


    The 'negative' parts left on the sheet can be used. Try placing these parts back into the image.

    Colouring pens are available to colour the peel-off itself. These are permanent pens as regular pens will not take to the shiny plastic. It is best to colour the peel-off before removing it from the sheet. You can change all or only part of the peel-off as you wish.

    Why not colour in a peel-off using PVA glue and then covering with glitter, accent beads, flock or fine coloured sand?

    Use a peel-off as a stencil through which to rub chalks for soft images, ideal for a background paper.

    Place a peel-off onto acetate and colour in using glass paints for a stained glass effect.

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    Wonderful site and so helpful for tips and hints to help me sell my hand made ca4d.Thank you
    Joy Howe - 20-Mar-16 @ 9:04 PM
    I love making cards for all occassions,but need an outlet.I would love to make cards and templates,it gives me a buzz to see the outcome of my work and how i have progressed,and the feedback i get from neighbours and friends who tell me they have never had cards like mine before,and they keep them.Its a joy to hear and to be appreciated,from what you can learn and achieve,and advance even further,in experimenting,and coming up with something,that no one has seen before .I am a very creative person,who loves drawing,and painting,i am experienced sewing macinist of 13 years,been a manufacturers assistant designing teddy clothes .I have designed my own christmas boots,my own bags,with my own desigs on.I did have two outlets the one that sold cards ,sold toys i would make.The other was a textile shop,i would buy what i needed from their shop and they would sell what i made,unfortunately both closed down ,due to the ecomomical climate.I have loads of designs,iwould love st sell ,i just need an outlet ,to sell my cards
    winky - 1-Apr-13 @ 4:19 PM
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